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My opinion of “The difference between right and wrong are very clear”

           I am thinking about the sentence, “The difference between right and wrong are very clear.” I agree and disagree with this statement.

              I agree with this statement because in some circumstances this statement is true. To steal someone’s belongings is obviously wrong because it belongs to someone. To jump off a building is obviously wrong. Other times the answer is not so clear though. If you think one thing is right but your parents do not believe that then it may be unclear of what to do. You may want to go to some kind of protest but your parents won’t let you. This is showing that right and wrong can vary because people have different perspectives about something. Two people could have a different opinion of a president. One may feel the president is doing good and doing correctly in their opinions and another could think the president is not. I agree and disagree with the statement “The difference between right and wrong were very clear,” because in some situations this statement is true but in others the statement is wrong.


Shoe Dog Book Review

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is an inspiring story about how he built Nike from the ground up. It starts at the very beginning of Nike, and he is still getting started. From loans from his parents to searching for people to hire, there are lots of funny and series stories on how Phil Knight created Nike.

Shoe dog is a story about an underdog company trying to start up and is very inspiring with descriptions of what Phil Knight is thinking and what he has to do. Lots of emotions flow throughout the book and it shows. There are lots of new surprises and problems that come up throughout the book.

Readers who enjoy memoirs of success stories and devotion will enjoy Shoe Dog. If you enjoy books that also have some funny parts and some parts that are sad then you should also read Shoe Dog

Long Way Down

Long Way Down ​by Jason Reynolds is about a teenager named Will who’s brother is murdered. Where Will lives, there is a set of rules. One of them is to get revenge. Will has to find the person who shot his brother and do the same to him. Just one obstacle stands in Will’s way. A long, long elevator trip down from his apartment.                                                                                                  

Long Way Down ​is not written like a normal book. It is written in poems. There are also lots of new developments that happen throughout the book that you didn’t expect. The book really explained how and what Will was feeling after his brother’s death and during lots of other moments. There are lots of analogies and similes to describe things and lots of detail.

Readers who enjoy poems and also fiction would enjoy ​Long Way Down. Long Way Down is also written similarly to the book The Crossover. ​Both books are written in poems but are about different subjects​.​ ​Long Way Down should probably be read by 6-8th graders. There is some language and violence.